Through the years I have been to a total of ten physical therapist in the area but none that compares to the benefits that you derive from Impact Rehabilitation Center. Their staff, along with owners Willis and Diana Sutcliff, are the best. It is a friendly, family atmosphere where they not only treat the injury, they truly treat and care for the person they are working with. They encourage you to work hard and glean all the benefits you can possibly gain. I have been more than 100% satisfied with my treatment results and would not think of going anywhere else. I highly recommend them for any treatment you might need and am sure you will appreciate your results. I have regained all use of my shoulder that I just had replaced and am living pain free.

Ann Vickers

I’m very pleased with the help and benefits I’ve received from the Impact Rehabilitation Center. The staff (especially Stephanie and her assistant Jen who were assigned to me) are very professional and personable and work very hard to improve their clients conditions.

I have been referred to Impact twice for two related conditions. The exercises recommended for me have really made a difference. The sciatica and numbness in my leg is gone and my foot has gone from being painful at every step to just a twinge of pain once in a while. Thank you Impact. You have really changed my life.

Janice Gietzen

In case I do not see you, I want to thank you for changing my life. You have given it back to me. Now I can garden, entertain, walk (a little), and live almost as I had four years ago, before breaking my hip and having three surgeries to repair it.

Thanks to your great staff. I’m so grateful. Thank you so much. I’m being careful, exercising, dieting, having a great time living. NO PAIN, NO CANE!

Love to you all,
Brenda Z.

Apprehension of the unknown is the first thing you think of when starting physical therapy after a knee replacement, all that is quickly put to rest when you deal with the friendly and competent staff at Impact Rehaibiltation Center. From the warm greeting at the front desk to Willis’ skilled manipulation on the tables, you know that you are in good hands! Workouts are almost at a one to one ratio with Willis always supervising client progress. An individualized program fitting your specific needs is closely monitored by the staff members. The friendly banter between staff and other clients makes for a good time. For an experience that one never really wants to go through, the end result is positive and fun!

Tony Perez

I don’t know about you, but over my 54 years, I have strained a knee, had rotator cuff surgery and shoulder replacement surgery, along with other various sprains, and it seemed like every time I went to PT, I was evaluated by the primary PT and then assigned to an intern. Well, at Impact Rehabilitation Center, you can expect to be treated by Willis, or his wife Diana, both well qualified and “Hands-On” in their approach to PT. Along with excellent care, you also get a motivational guru. I felt so strong about Willis’ approach to mind over body, that I had my 16 year old son enroll in a training program offered through IMPACT.

Jack Parkhill

I have occasionally had the need for physical therapy due to sports injuries over the past 25 years and have been to many different physical therapists for treatment. I can say that the treatment I received from Diana at Impact Physical Therapy was better than any treatment I had ever received. Her analysis of my injury, her amazing ability to see what treatments worked and to tailor my treatment allowed me to achieve recovery goals that I only dreamed of.

I have recommended Impact Rehabilitation to many of my friends due to the outstanding treatment I received from Diana and Willis and excellent results we achieved in my recovery.

I went to Impact Rehabilitation on recommendations from two friends who had been treated by the good people there. I was recovering from back surgery and my goals were to return to cycling and to possibly to running, though I thought my running days were over. Diana helped me restore my core strength, and leg strength without jeopardizing my back so I could return to fast tempo group rides on weekends. She patiently helped me overcome some residual sciatic pain by focusing on posture exercises and other treatments so I could return to running. I continue to improve in both my cycling and now in running due to the carefully tailored treatment I received from Diana at Impact Rehabilitation Center.

I can’t believe I can run again! After back surgery and severe sciatica I was convinced my running days were over. Thanks to the carefully tailored treatment I received from Diana at Impact Rehabilitation Center I am able to resume my running after a year and a half away. Who knows, maybe Boston is still in my future.

James Kalasky

As a result of a severe injury, I have undergone 10 years of therapy exercise programs, and the fitting of various braces. During my relatively brief time at Impact Rehaibiltation Center, my muscle weakness and damage were properly identified and those muscles have been strengthened more than in any previous program. Diana and Willis immediately establish a meaningful relationship with each client and identify that client’s specific therapy needs. A thorough evaluation is performed to determine the location of a specific muscle weakness. An exercise program is then created to strengthen that specific muscle group. Home exercises, with accompanying pictures, are carefully explained and gradually increased. Throughout the therapy process, Diana and Willis personally and carefully supervise each client.

Impact Rehabilitation Center has definitely earned an A+ rating!

Jerry Freer

What an experience! I had a complete shoulder replacement and as part of the recovery process was required to undergo physical therapy. I was really apprehensive-I don’t like pain. Willis at Impact seemed to understand my fear and worked really hard to make the therapy comfortable but productive, I am recovering quickly and I’m really thankful for the good folks at Impact who helped make my experience much better than expected.

Bernice Mottram